Would you buy a used car from this man?


Gareth is a dodgy movie afficianado who finally snapped at the bad treatment summer blockbusters were getting at the hands of “Film Critics”  because of their lack of plot, character development and artistic merit.  So, he decided to institute a completely subjective rating system based on rewatchability and overall level of cool.

He is the brains behind the incredibly lucrative fighting championship, Dodgy Movies. Reviewed! Showdowns!  and writes stuff that is even more random.  He often suspects that the world is laughing at him and not with him, but at least they’re laughing.

If you would like to berate him for slagging off your latest favourite film, feel free to contact him at gareth (at) dodgymoviesreviewed (dot) com or follow him on twitter @gazandkim by clicking here.  You can also contact him to suggest matchups for Dodgy Movies. Reviewed! Showdowns! or movies that the world needs to warned about.