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Bride Wars

When I first heard the title Bride Wars, my mind brought forth images of meringue-encased women fighting in steel cages over who got the first choice between taupe, eggshell, offwhite, or beige for the wedding invites.  Sadly, this was not the case.  It was instead a fairly standard romantic comedy, or so I thought.

While on the surface, it’s a standard love story plot with a minor twist, it is, in fact, an educational video showcasing the perils of wedding planning, and as such, is a must watch for any guy who has any inclination of getting married and settling down at some point in his life.

The instructional nature of the movie takes men through all the stages that a bride experiences during the planning stages of a wedding, from the initial, slightly touched phase, where everything is rainbows and puppies and white doves, all the way through to batshit insane, when the best thing you can do is agree.  Unless of course you are supposed to have an opinion about something which is a polite way of them finding out which of the two options being presented should be thrown out.

Now, what I found most interesting about this edutainment, was not the content itself, but rather the response of the average guy when watching.  This all depends on where they are.  The ones who are dating or single think it is a most amusing over-exaggerated piece of mockery about the excesses of the wedding industry and the fears they play upon.  Those who have found themselves with fiancée, spend the first half of the movie going “done that, been there, hmmm.” And the second half thinking “shiii-iiit, what the hell have I gotten myself into.”  Those who survived the pre-wedding madness look at it and go “they almost got it right, but perhaps they had to tone down the crazy a little bit to make it more believable to the non-wedded.”

The film is entertaining, and with Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson as the leads, at least there is eye-candy, especially during the bachelorette party, and if you’re going to have to sit through this to earn brownie points it is nice to know there will be some reward.

As this is a chick flick and not a dodgy movie, there isn’t a dodgy rating.  Instead, what we have is a brownie point system – as in, how many brownie points watching this with your significant other will earn you.  For Bride Wars, this is a little tricky to score.  If, when the inevitable “I wasn’t like that, was I?” question is asked, you are able to remove any trace of sarcasm from your answer, this one probably rates equivalent to flowers.  If you can’t, you may as well follow your answer up with “and when I said those pants didn’t make you look fat, I lied.”  After all, if you’re going to be sleeping in your car, at least make it for something worthwhile.

Bride Wars is, fortunately, relatively rewatchable, scoring a 3 mutant smileys out of five.  I say fortunately, as it’s worth watching a number of times to remind yourself why you’re going to make sure not to screw up because you’re never voluntarily putting yourself through that madness ever again.

This educational product should be mandatory viewing with every engagement ring sold.  And Honey, if you’re reading this, you were nothing like the brides in Bride Wars.  I enjoyed every minute of wedding planning and I’d happily go through it again with you. (I’m so glad tone of voice isn’t conveyed by text).

Season 1 – Round 1 Detailed Preview

What good would any sporting event be without some way to generate hype without substance? All of them spend as much if not more time promoting the event, otherwise there would be no viewers. So, why should Dodgy Movies, Reviewed! Showdowns! be any different. So here it is, the detailed preview.

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li Versus Dragonball Evolution
What better way to introduce the world to the great sport of Mortal Kurling than with the opening match of Dodgy Movies. Reviewed! Showdowns! Will Dragonball Evolution’s super-slow-mo prove useful, or will it just allow Street Fighter to get in some additional cheap shots. Only time will tell. Street Fighter is likely to take this one, but it could be a close thing, and I’m not sure either of them deserves to be called a winner.

Little Shop of Horrors Versus Hairspray
The Carnivorous plant up against Zac Effron. We all know which way we want this to go, but do the rules allow for the consumption of the opposition, and will any ref have the balls to enforce them if they don’t. There’s only one result possible for this match, and it’s not going to the Disney boytoy.

Van Helsing Versus The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Hugh Jackman once again with memory loss, although one has to wonder if he has any to lose. Sean Connery with his patented Scottish is the only real accent. Will the star players have it their own way, or will the rest of the team have to pick up the slack. It’s likely to appear close, but only because hunters like to toy with their prey.

Blade Versus Underworld
Both of these heavyweights are champions in their own rights. What will happen when they clash. this one will go to the judges. One can only hope that a fair impartial decision can be reached. Or that the better competitor figures out how to bribe the judge.

V for Vendetta Versus Sin City
A clash of graphic novel titans, Frank Miller against Alan Moore. Only one possible sport could even be considered; Pictionary Death Match. Expect leet drawing skills, bile and bitterness as the opposing views of Hollywood clash. Two men pick up the pencil, only one will survive being stabbed with it.

MIB Versus Evolution
The Men in Black may find that the silica based life-form is just too strong for them. Will this hold them back or can Will Smith’s dance moves swing the tide in the MIB’s favour. If the fate of the world can be decided using sunglasses and rap, my money would be on the alien menace.

Wild Wild West Versus Shanghai Noon
No contest. Not even the cowboy Jackie Chan can stand up to the unbridled awesomeness of a giant mechanised spider. Fastest knockout ever is predicted, but perhaps Shanghai Noon can avoid being squashed for a short time.

Gone in 60 Seconds Versus Ocean’s Eleven
With fast cars and faster woman, it’s unlikely that Gone in 60 seconds will have their victory stolen from them by the all-male gang. This one is going to be anything but clean and the ref is going to have to have a keen eye to spot the trickery. Fortunately, the crowd will happily point it out to him. Can age and subtlety be the match for strength and power, or will the hare win the day.

Bad Boys Versus SWAT
Will Smith against Samuel L Jackson. They’re both big. They’re both black. But, only one of them has wielded a lightsaber. The Bad Motherfucker should be able to take this one to the bank.

Hot Fuzz Versus Rush Hour
David versus Goliath. The movie that has 2 sequels versus the barely known British indie film. While Goliath really should have the advantage, there’s always a nagging doubt that the original fight was fixed, merely so we could laugh when the confident little guy gets the shit kicked out of him in all future encounters. Rest assured that we at Dodgy Movies. Reviewed! Showdowns! will not fix any fights.

Unless it’s really really lucrative!!

Sleepy Hollow Versus Ghost Busters
The aging heavyweight against the relatively unknown featherweight. Will Ghostbuster’s age prove to be an obstacle too much, or can the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man toast Sleepy Hollow’s aspirations. Giant marshmallowy goodness is likely to win the day, but is there a decapitation in the sailor’s future.

GI JOE The Rise of Cobra Versus Transformers
Super Elite military unit up against Giant Robots. This matchup really should be a foregone conclusion or should it. Both have similar tactics, appealing to nostalgic feelings, reliving childhood memories and blowing shit up. Once again this will go to the judges decision, and even then the results aren’t likely to be conclusive.

Mars Attacks Versus Eight Legged Freaks
Bill Watterson invented the perfect sport for this match-up, Calvin Ball. There’s no way to call this, even if it wasn’t for the massive randomness of the game itself.

Payback Versus Boondock Saints
Violence, guns and revenge up againt violence, guns and revenge coupled with a gay detective played by Willem Dafoe. After many traded blows and no small amount of spilled blood Boondock Saints will emerge victorious, although standing may be a problem.

The Matrix Versus Equilibrium
The Matrix up against the Matrix with guns (whoever came up with that stupid description for Equilibrium clearly never watched the Matrix). Crowd support will be a big part in this match. The Matrix fans are likely to outnumber those of Equilibrium, but can the vocal minority raise their team to greatness. Time will tell.

The Incredibles Versus Hoodwinked
The final match of round 1 is no ordinary event. No bloodshed, no contact. No, for this one the presidential debate format will be used, with the hypothesis – Big Budget cartoons are better! However, in a reversal of tradition, The Incredibles will be opposed and Hoodwinked will be for. The arguments here should be interesting or at the very least amusing.

That’s it. All the matches, predicted winners and a few exciting sports. Let me know in the comments if you disagree. Maybe we can start the bloodshed early!

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li

Street Fighter: The legend of Chun-Li was really up against it when I started watching. After all, it had serious prejudice to overcome after the last time a movie was made based on the game. The real injustice of the last Street Fighter film wasn’t that it “starred” (I wish text could convey sarcasm better) Jean Claude van Damme, but that it was the last film Raul Julia made. But, back to the question at hand. Could Street Fighter: The Rise of Chun-Li wipe the stain?

Well, No. But it’s not really Street Fighter: The Rise of Chun-Li’s fault. The only way to wipe the stain of the original would be to go back in time and prevent Jean-Claude van Damme from becoming an actor and that would lead to the time-cops hunting you down and oh god it’s a whole bad 90’s movie flashback. And here I thought I’d repressed all those memories.

The plot, is fairly standard Kung-Fu Mobster movie fair, with a little woo-woo thrown in to explain the force balls and stuff in the fight scenes. Basically, Chun-Li’s father is captured by the mob and forced to work for them in return for his daughter staying safe. Chun-Li vows revenge and the rest is fight scenes, explosions and really bad attempts to justify calling the movie Street Fighter. In fact, if it wasn’t for the character names, there would be nothing to link the movie to the game at all.

The film doesn’t really live up to the promise of the video game, and even though fight scenes and laughable intrigure abound, I was unable to give it higher than a 3 on the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Scale. The dodgiest moment in the film was not a scene as is usually the case, but rather a plot point. Why did the writers have to make it some mystical thing about how Bison became all evil. He couldn’t just be a monster. Noooo. He had to remove all the good things about his soul and put them into his unborn daughter so she could conveniently be used against him later.

Deciding on what to rate this for rewatchability was tricky. I couldn’t in all fairness rate it lower than Dragonball Evolution but then I see that I rated DBE as a 3 and I have to ask “What the fuck was I thinking?” It should have been a 2 at best, then I could have rated this as a 2. And then I remembered. I don’t need to be fair. i don’t even need to be consistent, I just need to not waste anymore time thinking about a movie who’s only redeeming feature was at least it didn’t star Jean Claude van Damme.

Unless you feel the need to feel the full effects of time stretching, when 5760 seconds feels like 2 days, I wouldn’t waste any time watching it.

And Remember, we watch them, so you don’t have to.

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