Season 1 – Preview

Hey there sports fans. Have we got a treat for you. Yes, I’m talking about the premier season of Dodgy Movies. Reviewed! SHOWDOWNS. We have some has-beens, some up-and-comers, and one or two all-time favourites.

What does the opening round hold in store? Well, we expect a few classic matches (Equilibrium Vs The Matrix, and Mars Attacks Vs Eight Legged Freaks) and some one-sided affairs (Hot Fuzz Vs Rush Hour). So strap yourselves in and brace for a rocking ride full of thrills, spills and Pictionary. (you’ll understand later)

And Remember. We Watch them, so you don’t have to.

  • Excellent (rubs hands in glee)…

  • This is an amusing concept, but you don’t seem to have used a seeding system. This is critical, because you really want the best (dodgiest?) movies to be competing in the final.

    Seems you’ve grouped similar movies together, but I think it’s the wrong approach. Sin City vs V for Vendetta? I’d expect that to be at least a semi-final pairing. Certainly not an opening round.

    Of course, comparing dissimilar genres of movies is going to be tricky. You’ll need to do it in round 2 though, so why not start it thay way from the beginning?

    I’d look to for seeding advice, possibly using user ratings to give you an idea how to rank each contestant.

    But whatever. It’s your gig.

  • Gareth

    Well, I had thought about a seeding system but that was scrapped in favour of just getting the damn thing up. Future seasons will have contestants posted in advance in order to get seedings from the viewers.

    The round 1 matchups in season one were similar movies so I could get into it. But, you;ll see how the future rounds will be done after the first match goes live later.

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